Urban Apprenticeship

Urban Apprenticeship:

High School Graduates

Introducing the Urban Apprenticeship Program—an exciting new initiative tailored exclusively for Oaks Ministries alumni as they transition into life beyond high school.

The primary objective of the Urban Apprenticeship (UA) Program is to empower Oaks alumni with specialized training in urban ministry.

As UA interns, they will embark on a transformative one-year paid internship, immersing themselves in a learning experience that not only enhances their skills but also helps them discern their calling in ministry and prepare for the path that lies ahead.

At Urban Apprenticeship, our interns are in for a comprehensive journey of growth and discovery.

Throughout their one-year commitment, they will receive invaluable training from Oaks staff and seasoned leaders in urban ministry.

This training is designed to expand and fortify their abilities in urban ministry while providing clarity about their vocational direction.

UA Interns will undergo training in a range of critical areas, including:

  1. Engaging Students: Learning effective methods for connecting with and impacting young individuals in an urban setting.
  2. Communication Skills: Developing the ability to effectively communicate with parents, volunteers, and other stakeholders, fostering a sense of community and collaboration.
  3. Program Planning and Implementation: Gaining hands-on experience in organizing and executing impactful programs that cater to the unique needs of the urban community.
  4. Leading Bible Studies: Acquiring the skills to lead engaging and spiritually enriching Bible studies for students, fostering spiritual growth.

In addition to practical training, UA Interns will receive profound spiritual enrichment through weekly Bible study sessions. These sessions delve deep into the Word, nurturing a strong foundation in faith and a deeper understanding of ministry and theology.

Our vision for the Urban Apprenticeship Program is to equip Oaks alumni not only with practical skills but also with a deep sense of purpose and calling. By the end of their internship, they will be better prepared to serve on the frontlines of ministry or to embrace the unique path that the Lord has in store for them.

Join Us in Shaping the Future: If you are passionate about empowering the next generation of leaders in urban ministry, we invite you to support the Urban Apprenticeship Program. Your involvement can make a lasting impact on the lives of these young individuals as they discover their purpose and potential in the service of the Lord.

Stay tuned for more updates and opportunities to be a part of this exciting journey as we shape the future of urban ministry together.

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